Monday, January 31, 2011

Change Through Chores

Activity: Chores

Age: Over 4

The weekend of February 11th my church is undertaking a huge project - the fundraising, packing and shipping of A MILLION MEALS for those in need. These meals will primarily be sent to those still struggling for survival in Haiti, and other starving children around the world. Clearly this is no small undertaking, and for the first time, even the preschool children have been enlisted to help. You can imagine my delight when my 4 year old came home with an envelope and 'chore' coupons to raise money for other children in need.

I am sure we are all familiar with the 'chore' coupons; who didn't give the "free car wash" or "take out the trash" coupons for father's day! It hadn't occurred to me however, that my kids might be ready for this step. How wrong was I!! Schuler threw herself into it, performing such tasks as helping sort the laundry, making her bed, wiping the table off after dinner and sweeping. Each time she cashed in her coupon, another quarter went into her collection envelope. Since each meal only costs a mere $0.19, she felt a real sense of accomplishment knowing every completed job meant another child could eat. Powerful stuff.

For more information about the A Million Meals project, click here. But clearly this idea can be tailored to fundraise for any organization or cause. Try it out and send me the results. I would love to post more 'chore' coupons success stories!


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