Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Toys, Toys and More Toys!

Type: Donation

Age: Any

Summertime movie season is really ramping up now with the release of the much anticipated Shrek 4 and Toy Story 3. In conjunction with the release of Toy Story 3, Toys for Tots will be collecting toys throughout the month of June in selected cities. Check here to see a list of participating locations and to read more information about the promotion. One of the best parts is that the toys will be distributed locally in the communities that they have been donated in!
Those of us who have watched and loved previous Toy Story movies know that the premise is about a boy and his most beloved toys. I am sure that it wouldn't be hard for you and your child to identify those toys of his or hers that are loved up the most as well. Could your child imagine not having that toy! For millions of kids, that is just the case. So encourage your child to help you select a new, unwrapped toy for donation to one of those children in need. Not only will you be enjoying a great movie, you will be bringing a smile to another happy child!

Great to be Back!

Sorry for the long and unexpected hiatus!!! After several weeks of frustrating computer issues, followed by a little vacation with the family, I am back up and ready to blog!

With summertime upon us, I am sure we are all looking for tons of creative ideas to do with our kids. I hope you are inspired with some of the postings to come!

As always, please send your ideas and pictures! Love to post about you and your creative kiddos :)

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