Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Cleanup

Age: over 2

Type: activity

As I sit here on the eve of April, I am 100% ready for spring. Unfortunately, being a Michigander means that we still might see another random flurry or two of snow! For the most part though, the snow has melted and we can finally see the grass after all these months. The melting snow also means that all kinds of litter and garbage that accumulated and were hidden all winter are now visible.

As my daughters and I braved the cold for a brisk walk yesterday, we saw lots of litter all over one of our favorite parks. Next time you go for a walk with your little hearts, why not bring along a couple of grocery bags and have the kids pick up any debris they see? Your neighbors are sure to appreciate the results!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The RAK Challenge!

I am so excited about the first ever little hearts project RAK Challenge!! Of course it wouldn't be a challenge without a prize (but you have to read on to find out more!) What is RAK you may ask - none other than the age old concept of Random Act of Kindness. The inspiration for the challenge? My daughter came home from church last week with a small printed card that said simply this:

"there is only ONE rule: if you have been struck by a random act of kindness, you must take this card and perform a random act of kindness for someone else and leave this card."

Love it on so many levels. First is instilling in our children the idea that they can give a thoughtful gesture, big or small, to anyone at anytime. Holding the door open for your little sister - random act of kindness. Coloring a picture for Grampy's fridge - random act of kindness. Sharing a snack with a friend who has none - random act of kindness. Second, is gets everyone who receives this kindness involved and thinking how they too can do something for someone else.

While you obviously don't need the printed card to perform a RAK, I kind of like the idea so the recipient can participate as well. This can be accomplished simply enough with parents printing the ONE rule from above onto a card and children decorating it. Then get creative!

Once you and your little heart have completed the RAK challenge, send your idea (and pictures :) to Now for the aforementioned PRIZE, one entry will be randomly chosen and will receive a copy of Perfect You. I can't wait to see Random Acts of Kindness popping up all over. Check back in upcoming weeks for all the great ideas!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Special Delivery

Age: Over 3
Type: Activity

We are fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood where the the concept of being a 'good neighbor" is still alive and well. We socialize, we lend eggs, we watch our kids in the yard we keep an eye on your house. It's community at its best, and certainly makes life a lot easier. Which leads me to my latest idea.
As we were out walking this weekend, my oldest and I noticed our next door neighbors mailbox overflowing, though I knew they weren't planning on being gone long. A quick text confirmed that they decided to extend their weekend trip and would be gone several days, so we offered to get their mail.

I can so clearly remember getting our neighbors mail as I was growing up if they were out of town. When people would simply ask their neighbor to pick it up, rather than fill out a form online to have it stopped. Such a small, easy, but thoughtful gesture. Perfect for a little heart! You know how kids are, each day our mail came my daughter was quick to remind me we needed to pick up the neighbors mail as well.

So next time your neighbor is out of town, maybe it could be the perfect chance for your little heart to be that 'good neighbor'!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crafting for Cats

Age: 3 and up
Type: Craft

Our local library recently hosted their annual teen "Kitty Fort" building event to benefit the Michigan Humane Society. While this particular event was aimed at an older crowd, it certainly wouldn't have to be!

"Kitty Forts" are essentially brightly decorated cardboard box homes that keep cats happy while awaiting a new home. A 12x12x12 size box is recommended and then our little hearts are encouraged to go to town decorating with construction paper, stamps and small stickers. The specifics can be found here. Once completed the forts can be dropped off at your local humane society.

Considering making a kitty fort with your little one? Would love to see the results!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The New Site is Up!

Several weeks ago I shared with you all the my children's book, Perfect You, had been published. Just wanted to update you all that my new website is now up and running! You can purchase books directly from it, as well as see my upcoming calendar of appearances. Perfect You and the little hearts project certainly go hand in hand with each other, and are both labors of love. I hope enjoy them both!!

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