Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celebrate by Giving Back

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A couple years ago a friend of mine introduced me to the blog of one of her friends. This mom/photographer/blogger has an amazing way of capturing the everyday trials and joys of parenthood and I loved reading through her posts - especially those when she was expecting her second child. However, I'll never forget sitting a my computer, tears streaming down my face, as I read about her daughter, Nella's, birth and the realization that she had Down Syndrome. As a mom, I know the feeling of spending so much time praying for a healthy child, and thankfully so far I have been blessed. But it still hit very close to home.
Out of this difficult time, however, an amazing thing has happened. This talented mom, Kelle Hampton, used her talents to bring light and awareness on this issue. In fact, many of you may have read her story in Parent magazine. For those of you who didn't, her blog (and the story) can be found here.
So how does this all relate to our little hearts? Recently little Nella turned one, and in order to celebrate this milestone, the ONEder Fund was created to raise money for awareness and opportunities for those with Downs . Is your little one celebrating a milestone of their own soon? Perhaps a gift in honor of your special child could be made to the ONEder Fund to help other special children!


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