Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh the weather outside is frightful....

Age:  over 2

Type:  donation

For Christmas my four year old got a pretend mailbox and several sets of blank envelopes.  She is constantly putting little scraps of paper inside, her 'letters', and leaving them all over the house for us.  Once she found out how to use the little flag on her mailbox indicating there was mail to be picked up, she started insisting we all leave letters for her as well.  The point of this being she has a minor mail obsession! 

So how to turn her love of mail into a act of kindness for someone else - why not a letter for our mail carrier!  Despite the calendar reading January, the temps here in Michigan feel more like spring, but on the next biter cold winter day we are prepared with some instant hand warmer packets in a letter for our mail carrier.  I have one little
mail girl eager to make a delivery!


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