Friday, October 19, 2012

New inspiration

Throughout my day I always have an eye out for different project ideas I can share on the blog.  I tear things out of magazines, bookmark sites, pin things, leave myself little notes, my point is that inspiration is everywhere!  It is always good to keep things fresh and mix it up, so when the school year started I decided this year we would focus on a new area at the little hearts project - the holidays!!

Each year my girls get older the excitement level over the holidays seems to ramp up!  Baking, decorating, crafting - they ( and I :) love it all.  It's easy to get caught up in a very me-centric mind frame during this time as well though.  As excited as my kids are, I can't help but think how difficult the holidays would be for those without the means to do much celebrating.  So this year we will be doing a special project related to each holiday throughout the year.  Look for them soon and consider adding a service projects to your list of holiday activities!


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