Thursday, March 1, 2012

Drop In & Decorate

Age:  2 and up
Type:  Baking

As I read magazines I constantly find myself tearing out pages and filing them away as future projects for my little ones.  Recently I broke out the archives and stumbled upon this website, Drop in & Decorate.  The site is basically a one stop shop for setting up a cookie party where kids decorate and the finish projects are delivered to those who could use a little thank you or pick me up.  Baking is a perennial fav with my girls, but I love this site because it leaves nothing to the imagination and gives you great instructions on setting up a party and what type of organization to deliver the cookies to. 

I am thinking perfect for my next playgroup :)  What about you?  If you and your little hearts decide to drop in and decorate, send pics and I will happily post!


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