Tuesday, December 13, 2011

25DG&G: Day 12

Today is my middle daughter's 3rd Birthday!  I think the standard line for mom's is to lament that they can't believe how old their kids are getting.  Brier is one of a kind though, and more often than not I forget that she is ONLY just 3.  She and her older sister have settled into the familiar sibling roles of loving one minute, arguing the next.  In honor of Brier's birthday though, I was delighted in the unprompted shift in how Schuler treated Brier today.  Line leader downstairs in the morning - Schuler let Brier go first.  Race to the car - Brier won.  Pick what we were having for lunch - Brier's choice.  It warmed my heart to see Schuler making such an effort to be kind, hope some of this birthday magic carries over to everyday!


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