Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Armed Forces Day Ideas - The Power of Prayer

Type: prayer
Age: over 2

Recently I was visiting another church in town when a colorful display in the parlor caught my eye. It was a simple table draped in American flags and it contained information about members of the congregation serving in the armed forces. In addition to a display board listing all these heroes, there were similar prayer lists with the names you could take home as well as information about individual soldiers. Listed on a half sheet of paper was the basic information: name, location, rank and then a specific prayer request. Often loved ones had attached emails received from the solider or other updates. I could hardly tear myself away! It was so interesting to read their stories and to know that I could take this piece of paper home and offer a very specific request for him or her through prayer. I have blogged previously about prayer here, but it is certainly worth talking about again, as its impact is so powerful.

I'm sure most of you reading this know someone who is currently serving in our armed forces, so I encourage you and your little heart to begin to pray for that person. Reading the updates from the soldiers, it was apparent how much it meant to them to know that people back home were thinking of them and praying for them daily. Give it a try!


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