Monday, February 15, 2010

The gift of you

Type: Time/Seniors
Age: All

After many consecutive minutes, hours, days, weeks (you get the idea) spent exclusively with your kids, the notion that for other people this time with young minds would be a precious commodity could easily be lost on us. However, when I recently chatted with Shawn, a Director at Silver Maples of Chelsea, she indicated that time was one of the best gifts of service young children could give for her residents.

A popular activity at Silver Maples is to have a children's parade, and as highlighted in the picture, an activity appropriate for kids of any age. Almost any occasion or holiday can easily be transformed into a reason to get into a costume and visit a local senior center (in our house you are just as likely to see princess costumes on my girls as regular clothes pretty much any day!) You could certainly organize a small group of friends to have a parade, or you and your child could simply visit the dining room during meal time and hand out drawings, cards or smiles. All are certain to be appreciated by the recipients!


Jessica said...

What a great idea! I tried desperately to find some way to serve when my oldest (now 2) was a baby. If you can believe it, we got rejected from Meals On Wheels (too many drivers already). I had to settle recently for donating breast milk - but THIS idea is stellar, and just the kind of thing I was looking for! I know my babies can bring joy to others :) Thank you!

Jessica said...

My grandmother works in a nursing home and one day Elliott (my 11 month old son) and I went to visit her for lunch, upon walking in a nurse asked me if i would be willing to bring him into the dining hall so the residents could visit with him. It was amazing to see the faces of those who hadnt seen little ones in a very long time, light up. They reminisced about their child/grandchildren. It was a delight to see what a transformation a "little heart" can make in the lives of "older hearts"

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